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Year: 2014
Genres: Horror
Director: Stiles White
Starring: Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff

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Ouija 2014 torrent

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A little girl in the ancient, mysterious and died when he was playing with the Ouija Board, a group of friends to take this on board, which has led to an end. Later, they bite the skin of a kind, brought against average.

Denigrate mounting friend talk about terrible old Verlie szlig; the Board.


Runtime: 89 min
Audio: Dual Audio
Language: English
Resolution: 640×480
Frame Rate: 24 fps
Video Audio Bitrate: 256 kbps
Torrent Size: 815 mb
Files: 3
Info Hash: f03e5a76ea771349c658fcbbf40ddcadb14c88c0

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